What is CBD and it's associated products?


CBD (its proper name is Cannabidiol) hemp oil has hit the headlines in recent months due to the purported health benefits. As use across the population increases, we're seeing is seeing a swift rise in awareness and popularity.

CBD is a natural botanical extract oil from the hemp plant, CBD can also be found in the cannabis plant, however, the cannabis plant has much higher levels of THC which is a controlled substance in the UK and many other nations. Whilst THC creates a 'high' feeling, Cannabidiol products have no psychoactive effects. THC is present in hemp plants but the concentrations are naturally quite small and our processing methods work to remove any trace ensuring the product remains legal. This allows us to use CBD legally here in the UK. 


CBD is a non-toxic compound that is considered to be safe for human consumption, even in large quantities. CBD oil acts on the body's endogenous cannabinoid system (ECS). This system regulates the general state of balance in the body impacting on things such as mood, appetite, sleep, the immune system, hormones and pain management. Over time the balance of this system can become disturbed through external pressures such as illness or the environment in which we live. This can then cause feelings of being unwell, affect mental health and cause other physical symptoms to arise. CBD can help restore or rebalance the ECS system, balancing your body's response.

It's important to remember that CBD oil will not get you high, as mentioned there is no or tiny traces of THC. If you are using CBD your sensory awareness, consciousness or perception of reality will not be altered.


There have been many medical studies which have measured CBD's impact on the ECS, it has been found that CBD hemp oil can help with various numerous conditions such as epilepsy, chronic pain, inflammation, cancer and even anxiety (PTSD for example) as well as other neurodegenerative conditions. Additionally compounds found in hemp called Terpenes can be included in CBD products, these Terpenes 

Whilst the side effects are thought to be minor, some studies have highlighted that some users have mentioned dry mouth, lowered blood pressure and feeling sleepy. Whilst these all seem minor, we'd always recommend checking with your doctor before using CBD, especially if you are taking any other medication. 


In the UK, CBD hemp oil is perfectly legal. It can be purchased online or in some high street shops. As a compound, it is heavily monitored with producers having to test CDB distillate to prove that the THC has been removed. With THC removed, the authorities do not class CBD as a controlled substance. Production is tightly regulated and many licenses are required to ensure that the CBD oil is produced to the correct chemical standard. In fact, we test our CBD internally with a state of the art machine and use a third party laboratory to double check our results.


CBD is a flexible compound that can be included in a wide range of products. At the most basic level, the pure oil can be consumed. This is the most efficient way of consuming the oil as it is often dropped administered via a dropper onto the tongue or alternatively blended into a drink.

E-Liquids use in vaping are another way to consume CBD. With vaping seeing a rise of popularity and CBD users traditionally accessing CBD through Marijuana, consuming CBD via an E-Liquid is an easy step to take. E-Liquids can be mixed with various flavours and strengths of CBD creating great tasting CBD E-Liquids. 

Just like a vitamin tablet or capsule, CBD oil can be encapsulated into an easy to swallow tablet or pill. Easy to consume and tasteless these tablets are easy for the users to take. However CBD doesn't have to be ingested, cosmetic products such as creams and rubs are a good way of delivering CBD to the body. These cosmetics can be used daily or during a 'flair-up', applied directly to the skin these areas of the body can be treated directly, in a similar manner to the user of Ibruprofen creams.