CBD Worxs

CBD Worxs 500mg CBD E-Liquid Super Lemon Haze


Super Lemon Haze 500mg E-Liquid from CBD Worxs is a terpene infused CBD E-Liquid. The Caryophyllene, Limonene, Myrcene and Pinene terpenes are found in this flavour, combined they create a strong fresh pine profile with an overtone of zesty citrus flavours and smells. An uplifting and energetic terpene profile this is an E-Liquid we're sure you'll love. Suitable for all vaping tanks, simply top-up your empty tank with our handy dropper included in the bottle. 

We produce our products using the finest CBD distillate, our Sativa hemp is carefully grown in the US in contaminant-free soil without the use of pesticides, our farmers use 

Supercritical CO2 Extraction to gently extract the CBD compound without contaminating it. Our expert pharmaceutically team then blends the CBD Isolate to ensure the correct ratios of CBD are present. We also test the product to ensure it is THC and UK legal. 

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