Hemp farms 

CBD is a compound extracted from the hemp plant, like any natural product that is grown it must be planted and cultivated in soil. We work exclusively with farmers in the US that grown the Sativa variety of hemp. These farmers specialise in growing hemp without the use of pesticides and in contaminent free soil. This coupled with vast greenhouses, large amounts of warm sun all produce hemp plants that are suitable for processing for CBD oil production. Infact our farmers are so careful about their production processes we can trace the hemp oil right back to the specific field of production!

How to make CBD from hemp

There are three core ways to produce CBD oil. The two most basic and inefficient methods are called Carrier Oil Extraction and Isopropyl Alcohol Extraction. These methods can damage the CBD oil and create a less pure product as they introduce volitile chemicals to the hemp plant. In order to produce the finest CBD product, we utilise a far superior methodology – Supercritical CO2 Extraction. Whilst this requires specialist machinery it produces a pure CBD oil that is free of additives and contaminants. This process is considerably more expensive than the aforementioned extractions processes however, our commitment and investment in using the finest CBD oil ensures we only ever produce CBD in this manner. 

Types of CBD product

With a raw CBD oil supplied, we work with specialist producers of specific product categories to create unique CBD products. Our team has a wealth of experience working with CBD and also with a trained chemist in our midsts, we understand how to properly incorporate CBD into the following products:

  • Vaping E-Liquids
  • Sweets
  • Drinks
  • Cosmetics (E.g. Creams and lotions)
  • Oral Drops
  • Sublingual Sprays
  • Capsules
  • Edibles

All our CBD products are produced to the highest food production standards to ensure they are safe for human consumption. We work tirelessly with our production partners to guarantee the quality of our CBD products, this allows our customers to enjoy them safely and with the piece of mind that they are consuming the best product possible.