CBD, widely recognised as a safe, beneficial product, has historically undergone many medical trials.

Previous and existing studies have consistently highlighted the positive effects CBD has on the human body. CBD effects the Endocannabinoid system, which can help activate CBD users with numerous medical and health concerns. Medical research on CBD is ever increasing and additionally many CBD users reporting that CBD products have positive effects on their symptoms. From acute pain and illness to supporting day to day aches and pains caused by injury and general activity.CBD is fast becoming a go-to solution for thousands of people.

Below we have detailed some of the conditions which CBD has been found to benefit users:


Whilst the THC found in cannabis can trigger and enhance anxiety and paranoia, studies into the benefits of CBD has shown that it can reduce these negative symptoms for sufferers. Research has identified sufferers living with the following conditions benefited from using CBD: PTSD, General Anxiety Disorders, Panic Attacks, Social Anxiety and OCD.

Unlike current drugs used to treat these conditions which have many adverse side effects and often cause sufferers to stop taking their medication altogether, CBD has fewer, more minor side effects meaning patients have a more balanced product with which to treat their disorder.

Pain relief & Anti-Inflammatory

Medical testing has proven that CBD significantly reduces chronic inflammation, which often also reduces felt pain. In addition, results show that unlike traditional painkillers, CBD’s efficiency is consistent as users do not build up a tolerance. There are also numerous ways in which people can take CBD, making it easy to use and relevant for a diverse range of conditions, from arthritis pain to issues caused by cancer.


Linked to being an anti-inflammatory, CBD oil may house benefits for acne suffers. Some studies have shown that CBD can slow down oil production of the sebaceous glands, these glands create the oily substance that keeps the skin hydrated. Sufferers of acne tend to produce too much of this oil which can lead to acne. The results of these tests are conclusive however, results are looking like CBD oil can have positive effects.  

Epilepsy & other mental health issues

Reports have shown that CBD can help treat those with neuropsychiatric disorders such as epilepsy. Additionally, studies have shown that CBD can help reduce seizures and the number of side effects when compared to traditional seizure treatments. CBD products have also been found to benefit patients suffering from conditions such as schizophrenia, neurodegeneration and neuro-injury.


In some forms of cancer, CBD has been found to block the transmission of cancerous cells, stopping it from spreading to other parts of the body. CBD can also suppress the growth of the cells and kill these malevolent cells. In addition, the advanced pain relieving properties of CBD can help sufferers deal with the pain caused by the illness. CBD is fast becoming a credible treatment option for those suffering from cancer. However, we advise that those suffering from cancer always consult a medical doctor to establish the best course of treatment. CBD should only ever be used as a supplement treatment in addition to more traditional treatment methods.