Is CBD Legal in the UK?

With CBD's close links to Marijuana through popular culture and biologically, there's often some confusion whether CBD products are legal. In fact when discussing the product with people many assume a quasi-drug related link. This couldn't be further from the truth, especially with CBD products purchased through CBD Worxs. 

With the availability of CBD increasing both online and in shops as well as increased articles appearing in the news the public's awareness of the product and demand is increasing. To quickly answer the question posed in the title of this article, yes CBD is legal in the UK, as long as there is no THC present. 

Hemp and by association, CBD, naturally contain some THC. To make it legal in the UK this compound must be removed. THC, officially named as Tetrahydrocannabinol, gives users a high and thus is the controlled substance found in Marijuana. We exclusively produce our CBD oil from the hemp plant, specifically a variety called Sativa which naturally has low concentrations of THC. Whilst extracting and processing the CBD compound, we remove the THC to the levels the UK government permit, usually, this is complete removal but can also result in 'trace' meaning that the compound is there but is in such tiny quantities as to effectively be non-existent. 

We take great care to ensure the legality and the purity of our products here at CBD Worxs. As a leading online retailer of these products, we want to guarantee our customers receive the finest CBD products possible. This is why we test all our products to ensure they remain within the legal requirements. 


As mentioned to limit levels of THC initially we use the Sativa variety of hemp. With the lower levels of naturally occurring THC this means that we have less to worry about during extraction and processing. During extraction, we then use a specialist Co2 method to cool the plant and oil. This process results in the purest CBD oil with minimum contaminants. The next step is to refine the product to ensure we remove any THC, this is done carefully and gently to avoid damaging the CBD.

Before any product is shipped to a customer we run internal and external chemical evaluations on all our CBD products. We have invested in a state of the art chemical analyser that checks the compounds that make up the CBD. The results prove that our products meet the standards set by UK law, however, to verify this we ship batched to a university laboratory to confirm our results.

With all this done we can create our final CBD products ready for retail. All that is left to do is to pick and pack them when an order comes in.